Early Access Program

CLion starts 2016.2 Early Access Program

Great news today as CLion starts an Early Access Program for version 2016.2! Many things are planned, and some are already in there. Download the build (162.232.8) and check them out right now!

This build addresses Complete Statement and CMake improvements, introduces Doxygen support, VCS changes and custom JDK on Windows. See more details below.

Complete Statement

Together with code completion and code generation, this feature helps you develop at the speed of thought. Invoked with Ctrl+Shift+Enter on Linux/Windows or ⇧⌘⏎ on OS X, it helps you complete many code constructs to syntactically correct ones. The simplest sample is a missing semicolon, but it’s actually much more!

With Complete Statement, CLion inserts parentheses, braces, semicolons, quotes, etc. for you where necessary, and then moves the caret in position where you can start typing the next statement automatically. Time savings are guaranteed.
Check out this blog post to learn more about it!

CMake changes

Starting from this build user symbols in CMake (like functions or macros) are available in code completion, as well as in the go to declaration/definition navigation actions. Quick definition pop-up is now also able to show definitions for user symbols. To invoke it, simply press Shift+Ctrl+I on Linux/Windows, or ⌘Y on OS X. The definition for the symbol at caret will be displayed:

Besides, Rename refactoring now works for user symbols in CMake as well:

Doxygen support

Starting from this EAP build CLion makes it easier to keep your code properly documented with support for the widely-known documentation format, Doxygen. You can now view the documentation parsed from your Doxygen-styled comments in the Quick Documentation pop-up:
Besides, CLion will help you rename function parameters, by updating Doxygen comments automatically. It also provides code completion for a set of Doxygen commands and parameters names, and even code generation for the function documentation in Doxygen style. Read our blog post to learn more.

Swift plugin

Have you already tried Swift plugin in CLion? Since we’re seeing growing interest in the community, we continue putting our efforts into it. Thanks to our AppCode team, Swift 2.2 language support comes today to both AppCode 2016.1.3 EAP and CLion’s Swift plugin. You can check the details in the corresponding post in the AppCode blog or see the list of fixed child issues.

VCS improvements

To make navigation through the VCS log easier, we’ve added tooltips with target commit information for arrows:

If you’ve created several new files and didn’t add them to the version control, the commit dialog will show these files so you won’t forget to add them:

Several improvements were made for patches:

  • You can apply patch from the clipboard (the IDE will offer to apply the patch when it obtains focus). Alternatively, drag a file into the IDE.
  • If a file has been moved or renamed since a patch was created for it, the IDE will try to figure that out or let you manually choose the file to apply the patch to

Other improvements

In debugger tool window, the Watches and Variables modes are now merged so you don’t need to switch between them. If you still prefer the old style, a new button is available in the watches toolbar to switch between the modes (new mode is on by default):

Following our custom JRE on Linux and OS X, our Windows builds are using a customized build of JDK now, which mostly includes font-rendering and focus fixes. (Just in case, build with the Oracle JRE is still available for the download.)

IdeaVim upd.
In case you’d like to use IdeaVim plugin with CLion 2016.2 EAP build, please, note that IdeaVim 0.44 is not compatible with 2016.2 EAP – install IdeaVim EAP instead. The instruction on how to obtain it can be found here.

That’s it! Download the build, try it right now and let us know what you think. Full release notes are available by the link.

Your CLion Team

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