CLion 2016.1.3 bug-fix update

Hey there,

We are publishing CLion 2016.1.3 bug-fix update (build 145.1617) today.
A few notable fixes:

  • CPP-6013 Wrong “Binary operator ‘<<‘ can’t be applied” error message.
  • CPP-6254 Output for CLion IDE sometimes cuts off when executing a program.
  • IDEA-156750 Slow IDE launch on cellular network.

We are also bringing a new feature in this update:

Alphabetical sorting and type grouping in the Structure View

To open structure view for a file just press Alt+7 on Linux/Windows, ⌘7 on OS X. By default the order corresponds to the order in the original file. With grouping by type elements are shown in the following groups: namespaces, structures and classes, constructors/destructors, functions, fields, etc.

No sorting:

Grouping by type:

Grouping by type and alphabetical sorting:

Full release notes can be found here.

The update is available for download from the site or as a patch via Check for Updates in the IDE.

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