Early Access Program

CLion 2016.2 EAP, build 162.646

Hi everyone,

Another week brings another EAP build, that includes new code style settings and several important bug fixes for you to try.

Code Style for C and C++

This build adds a few options to the C/C++ Code Style settings. Wrapping and Braces group got a new After function return type options, that allow you to configure whether to wrap the lines after function return type in a scope of a class and in global and namespace scopes. By default there is ‘Wrap if long’ value set for both of them:

Several setting for Lambda capture list were added in Wrapping and Braces as well:

There are also new options to configure wrapping for ‘<<' and '>>’ operators. And in Spaces | Within group you can now configure if you’d like to get a space within empty code braces.

Besides, this EAP build provides you with two new coding schemes to follow – LLVM and LLDB. To apply setting from any of these scheme, select Set from… | Predefined Style and select the scheme you prefer.

Other fixes

Several important bugs addressed in this build are:

  • In case you only changed a case of some letter while renaming a file, this file disappeared from the Changes view on Save (IDEA-94470).
  • In the case described above committing this change to Git repository also failed, and it happened for both file and folder names changes (IDEA-53175).
  • It was not possible to use Windows-key (Super-key) as a modifier key in keymap on Linux and Windows (CPP-4246, CPP-5768, IDEA-144702)

Full list of release notes is available by the link.

Download the build, or get a patch-update in case you are using previous EAP build.

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