CLion 2016.2.2 update is available


CLion 2016.2.2 is now available! If you missed the CLion 2016.2 release, find out more about its new features and download CLion 2016.2.2 on the What’s new page. And if you are already using CLion 2016.2.1, you’ll soon get a notification about available patch-update.

Find below a short summary of the important fixes and changes:

Check the full release notes by the link.

We’ve also backported a couple of important fixes into CLion 2016.1. Update 2016.1.4 is also available today, including a patch from 2016.1.3:

  • Support for .inl header format (CPP-3098).
  • Fix for the problem with CMake loading in the IDE (CPP-7195).
  • Some fixes to enable forward-compatibility with upcoming CLion 2016.3 version.

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