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CLion 2016.3.1 EAP: fixes for UDL, CMake and Doxygen

Today we are starting an Early Access Preview for CLion 2016.3.1, a bug-fix update to the recently released major CLion update. Build 163.9166.5 is now available.

You can download the build and install side by side with the stable version of CLion. Please, note that this EAP build requires an active subscription (or you can start a 30-day evaluation period).

Download CLion 2016.3.1 EAP

Some notable improvements you can find in this build are listed below.

User-defined literals rename

CLion 2016.3 introduced user-defined literals support along with an ability to rename such literals. However, it was not possible inside namespaces (CPP-8102). Now the case is fixed and everything works as expected.

Ellipsis in Doxygen

Ellipsis is now supported in Doxygen documentation comments, which includes:

  • Correct resolve and highlighting.
  • Quick-documentation preview.
  • Completion in parameter’s tag.
  • Doxygen stub generation (including param and tparam tags generation).



Several CMake workflow updates are still planned and are under development, however a few fixes are already included into this build:

  • When opening a project from an existing in-source generation directory, this directory is set as a generation path in CMake settings in CLion.
  • Fix for a bug with quotes erased by error in CMake options editor (CPP-8017).
  • Improved CMake reload behaviour by not reloading in situations when, for example, only whitespaces were changed or comments were updated.
  • Looks like CMake itself has a problem with reseting CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE when compiler changed. We’ve just implemented a workaround in CLion, that detects that CMake cleared cache after compiler change and triggers second generation to make sure other CMake settings are applied.
    This workaround can be disabled by cidr.cmake.cacheResetFix=false in the Registry (in Find Action dialog (Shift+Ctrl+A on Linux/Windows, ⇧⌘A on OS X) type Registry).

Other fixes

This build brings a fix for invalid inaccessible code warning appeared when dynamic_cast is used (CPP-6403). As well as more accurate Simplify quick-fix (CPP-7750):

Full release notes are available by the link.

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