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CLion 2017.2 EAP: debugger fixes


A new early access build for CLion 2017.2 (172.2273.4) is available.

Debugger improvements

While inspecting arrays during debug, you might notice there was a limit of 50 elements shown by default. To see more user had to explicitly expand the next 50 elements. This was done to reduce performance issues. However, sometimes a few elements with big indexes are needed, and it’s quite tiresome to click expand several times in a row.

In order to provide a solution to the problem, we’ve added a registry value to control the default number of composite value’s children:

A few other issues were resolved in CLion’s GDB driver:

  • Debugger showed command time out when trying to attach to a non-existent local process.
  • Backslashes in program arguments on Windows were escaped incorrectly.
  • Conditional breakpoints were disabled because of the GDB bug (CPP-9336). A workaround was implemented in CLion.

Includes paths on Windows

Includes paths on Windows were fixed to support absolute paths, paths with multiple backslashes and paths related to the root of the working disk.

Find full release notes here.

Download CLion 2017.2 EAP

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5 Responses to CLion 2017.2 EAP: debugger fixes

  1. Avatar

    Sebastian says:

    May 18, 2017

    Absolute Windows Paths in #include are non-standard and non-portable. I hope CLion shows a big warning at least.

    See also here:

    • Avatar

      vasily_romanikhin says:

      May 19, 2017

      Thanks, we will consider to add “warning” for this case.
      Please note that, for example, ‘cotire’ (the most popular cmake plugin for precompiled headers) uses includes with absolute windows path.

      • Avatar

        Victor Sergienko says:

        May 19, 2017

        Well, generated code lives by slightly different laws.

  2. Avatar

    qft says:

    May 24, 2017

    Any idea when gdb 7.12 will be supported? Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Eldar Abusalimov says:

      May 24, 2017

      We have the corresponding ticket since 2016.3 (, but there were some issues discovered on Windows that require more close investigation and testing. Can’t give you ETA unfortunately.

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