CLion’s quick tour updated to celebrate 2 years!

Hi everyone,

CLion is two years old—a big toddler! Over this time we’ve boasted an impressive user base growth of almost 400%, which has given us all the confidence in the world to continue and improve.

Remember what CLion was capable of when you joined us? Some things have stayed unchanged, for example CLion is still CMake-only, even though CMake smart support has evolved greatly. But the rest has been impressively enhanced:

  • Support for C++14, initial support for C++17, and C11 keywords
  • Code generation options for operators and lots of new and improved code inspections & intentions
  • Microsoft Visual C++ compiler experimental support
  • Doxygen
  • Clang-Tidy (2017.2 EAP)
  • LLDB on Linux and macOS, remote GDB debug, and attach to local process
  • Disassemble view
  • Google Test and Catch
  • Python support
  • Updated Go plugin, plugin for Swift (covering Linux), Remote Host Access, and others

Did I leave out your favorite feature? Most likely I did.

It’s a good time to update our Quick Tour Video now. Phil Nash, our developer advocate, did a great job and prepared a new recording. Check this fascinating monster story:

What do you expect from CLion in the next two years? Share in the comments below! We’re listening and it sure will be interesting to see how things develop ;)

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