CLion 2017.2 EAP: better VCS support


A new CLion 2017.2 EAP build (172.2827.9) is now available.

From C++ side this build includes some exception fixes and bundled CMake 3.8.2. Besides, there is a bunch of improvements to VCS support in CLion.

Commit messages

Commit messages are part of a team communication process, so it’s important to keep them easy-to-read and expressive, and formatting is quite important here. You might want to have a blank line between subject and body, or set a maximum text length, and for sure check the spelling in the comments. Reworked and moved to a separate page under Version Control, Commit Dialog settings allow you to do exactly that:
Commit messages inspections are accompanied by quick-fixes to reformat the text.


If you committed your changes but not pushed yet and would like to change the commit message, you can do this with the new Reword action:

Check the full release notes here.

Download CLion 2017.2 EAP

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13 Responses to CLion 2017.2 EAP: better VCS support

  1. Roman says:

    Really missing this feature available in many other GIT GUIs.

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      Thanks, I agree it’s a useful feature to have. We are considering it among other VCS-related features.

  2. HGH says:

    Why not just “Change commit message”?

  3. Olof says:

    I am running this version and I’m having a lot of slow downs. It may be totally unrelated to this version or even CLion, but I thought I’d throw it out there to see if anyone else has seen this issue after running this or another recent EAP.

    I also saw a brand new dialog that I hadn’t seen before. It said something like “need more time to resolve operation”. Then there was a cancel button and at the bottom left of the dialog there was an area for the current file it was working on and it was slowly going through files. I tried to screen shot that but messed up somehow.

    The GUI also seems overall sluggish. It takes about half a second for the cursor to move after clicking around in a document, sometimes several seconds. This doesn’t seem to be CPU bound.

    I’ve also had a lot of freeze reports today:
    Jun 8 09:39 threadDumps-freeze-20170608-093904-CL-172.2827.9-8sec/
    Jun 8 11:38 threadDumps-freeze-20170608-113835-CL-172.2827.9-18sec/
    Jun 8 11:42 threadDumps-freeze-20170608-114127-CL-172.2827.9-44sec/
    Jun 8 12:39 threadDumps-freeze-20170608-123649-CL-172.2827.9-181sec/
    Jun 8 12:40 threadDumps-freeze-20170608-123955-CL-172.2827.9-35sec/

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      Olof, this dialog means CLion is doing some resolve that can take significant time, so you have an ability to cancel it. Maybe indeed some degradation appeared. Is it possible you submit the thread dumps to our support or tracker?

      • Olof says:

        Yes, can do. What was the link for submitting that again?

        I should add that the slowness seems to come and go. So, right now I’m not having any issues.

        I was doing a lot of cmake changes at the time I noticed the slowness. However, I didn’t notice that that there was anything going on because of that. No progress bar at the bottom, nor did the system monitor indicate that any particular activity was going on. Also, other applications seemed responsive.

        But there was a definitive slowdown that lasted for an hour and even persisted after I rebooted the server as a last resort.

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