CLion 2018.1.2 bug-fix update is here!

A new bug-fix update CLion 2018.1.2, build 181.4668.70, is now available for download.

Download CLion 2018.1.2

Patches from v2018.1.1 will be available shortly. You can also install it using Toolbox App or snap packages if you are on Ubuntu.

If you are using CLion v2018.1, mind that automatic update notification doesn’t appear due to technical issue. Please use the Check for updates action manually (Help | Check for Updates… on Windows/Linux or CLion | Check for Updates… on macOS).

This update fixes a few regressions and addresses several issues related to using keyword:

  • A combination of using and void template argument caused an incorrect “Too many template arguments, expected 0” error. Typical sample is future usage.
  • Incorrect handling of forward declared default template parameters inside namespace with using, which leads to false “Too few template arguments” error (CPP-10477).
  • Another false “Too few template arguments” error in case of using template with function decomposition (CPP-9604).

Besides, CLion 2018.1.2 fixes incorrect highlighting for gmock. Google C++ Mocking Framework is widely used for the unit testing. Previous CLion versions had some issues with parsing mocked methods with arguments (CPP-3415). Now these issues are mostly fixed.

Full release notes are available here.

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