CLion 2018.2.2 bug-fix update


CLion 2018.2.2 update (build 182.4129.51) is now available!

You can download it from our website, use Toolbox app or snap packages (in the case of Ubuntu) to update. A patch-update will be available shortly for those using CLion 2018.2.1 or CLion 2018.2.2 EAP.

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This update includes a performance improvement for CMake projects generation/loading, a workaround to run the app in a separate console when debugging on Windows, several improvements to CLion’s own language engine and an experimental clangd-based engine. More details can be found in the previous blog post and the full release notes are available on confluence.

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2 Responses to CLion 2018.2.2 bug-fix update

  1. Avatar

    Lyosha12 says:

    August 23, 2018

    Wow! Big thanks for separate console! 🙂

  2. Avatar

    sad says:

    August 27, 2018


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