CLion 2018.3.3 bug-fix update


A new bug-fix update, CLion 2018.3.3, build 183.5153.40, is now available for download. You can get it from our website, via Toolbox App, or using snap packages (for Ubuntu). A patch-update will be available shortly.

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This build has a few important fixes for bugs in different areas:

  • Incorrect “CMake executable not found” error in the case of several WSL toolchains installed.
  • An exception while collecting compiler information from on the remote host (if you’ve experienced CPP-14505 or CPP-14477 errors, please, check if these problems are resolved as well).
  • Build All command was building twice.

Besides, in this build, CLion provides better error indication if the compiler has not been resolved correctly when a compilation database project is used.

Full release notes are here.

Interested in seeing what we have in the works? Check out our roadmap for CLion 2019.1.

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