CLion 2019.1.4 bug-fix update


A new bug-fix update CLion 2019.1.4 has just been released! Build 191.7479.33 is now available to download from our website, via the Toolbox App, or via snap (for Ubuntu). A patch-update will be available shortly.


Here’s a brief overview of the improvements and bug fixes:

  • If you open a project from the invalid compile_commands.json file and then fix it manually, CLion will now suggest to auto-reload the project for you (CPP-16088)
  • Changes in the Environment variables field of the Run/Debug Configurations are now saved correctly by the IDE (IDEA-208525)
  • The font settings on Linux are now saved correctly by the IDE (IDEA-206180)
  • The Find in Path dialog now closes when opening a project in the same window (IDEA-204277)
  • A few IDE hangs are fixed

Full release notes are here.

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