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CLion 2020.1 EAP: better CUDA support, Toolchains and Formatter improvements

A new CLion 2020.1 EAP build is now available for download!

You can download the build (201.6073.20) from our website, via the Toolbox App or as a snap package (for Ubuntu) and install it side by side with a stable release build.


Let’s take a look at the highlights!

  • CLion index now works more accurately with symlinks (CPP-17333).
  • A fix for the Cannot run program error happening on CMake target launch from CLion (CPP-19236).
  • CUDA support was added earlier in this 2020.1 EAP, and in this build it’s got several improvements:
    • The issue with the alpaka project, when CLion fails to collect compiler info, and so red code is present, was finally fixed.
    • Generate options are now available in CUDA files.
    • A false positive on the OpenCV code was fixed (CPP-18058).
    • CLion now correctly parses the compile_commands.json file generated for CUDA projects (CPP-18926).
  • Changing the return type in a trailing return type function no longer breaks the code (CPP-17529).
  • Toolchains:
    • Recently we’ve added clang-cl support on Windows. Now CLion takes bitness (x64 vs x86_64) into account, so that the selected clang-cl compiler matches the Visual Studio toolchain selected.
  • Formatter:
    • #pragma region and #pragma endregion can be used in CLion for code folding:
      Region folding
    • In using and namespace, the equal sign is getting surrounding spaces if configured in settings.
    • CLion now doesn’t apply an incorrect indentation to the lines after the macro definition (CPP-18574).
  • We are currently unifying all remote configurations to use the common SSH Configurations UI:
    SSH Configuration

This affects all IntelliJ-based IDEs, and CLion is no exception. Wherever a new SSH configuration originated from (be it remote toolchains settings or Remote GDB server configurations), it’s now located in Settings/Preferences | Tools | SSH Configurations.

Besides, check out the update on the Commit tool window & Commit dialog.

Additionally, we recently shared an update on Makefile projects support in CLion. Check out how you can help us test our prototype on a variety of projects, or request a private build from us to give it a try on your own!

Check out the full release notes by the link.


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