CLion 2020.1.3 Bug-fix Update

Today we are happy to announce that the third bug-fix update, CLion 2020.1.3 (build 201.8743.17), is now available for download. To get it, simply download the full build from our site, update through the Toolbox App, or use a snap (for Ubuntu). A patch update will be available shortly.


This update fixes an issue with selecting and running multiple CMake Google tests (CPP-20039).

Additionally, this update introduces the Show Remote Hosts Info diagnostic action, which dumps some remote settings and the list of failed remote connections along with their settings.

In other news, JetBrains Runtime has been updated, which brings fixes for the following issues:

  • Resolved the keyboard issue on Ubuntu 20.04 and Gnome 3.36 with the enabled IBus (JBR-2444).
  • Resolved the font rendering problem on macOS Mojave (JBR-2463).
  • Eliminated the latency on accepting auto-completion suggestions (JBR-2475).

For more information, take a look at the full release notes.

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