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CLion 2020.2.4 Bug-fix Update

Work on the new v2020.3 is in progress, and the CLion 2020.3 Early Access Program is now up and running. In the process, we’re doing our best to backport the essential bug-fixes to v2020.2, today we are releasing the CLion 2020.2.4 bug-fix update!

Build 202.7660.37 is available for download from our website, via Toolbox App, or as a snap (for Ubuntu). A patch update will be available shortly.


Here are the most notable improvements:

  • In the Clang-based engine:

    • When terse syntax is used for C++20 Concepts, CLion no longer incorrectly highlights the concept as unused (CPP-20892).
    • Members of the nested union are now highlighted correctly as fields (CPP-19308).
    • We’ve fixed a Clangd crash (CPP-20981).
  • In remote mode:

    • In case of multiple usages of a single remote host, the /tmp/.clion.resources directory is shared among different users. Now more accurate permissions are set so that all users can modify it.
  • IntelliJ Platform issues:

    • Editor antialiasing state is now saved between restarts (IDEA-209384).
    • We’ve fixed the incorrect focus when navigating to a file (IDEA-247358).
    • The Search Everywhere popup no longer opens partially offscreen (IDEA-230328).

You can find the full release notes here.

Update to the latest stable 2020.2.4 version and also give the 2020.3 EAP build a try – you can install them side by side and even run them simultaneously if needed.

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