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CLion Debugging – Beyond the Basics – Part 2: Dynamic

Following up on “Part 1: Suspended”, of our Advanced Debugger series, Part 2 focuses on the dynamic part of working with breakpoints, watchpoints and setting the execution point. Because this an advanced series, we look beyond simply setting and removing breakpoints, and take a look at the different types of breakpoints we support, as well as all the options along with them. In many cases your breakpoints may not even need to break at all!

Watchpoints let you break when data changes – or even when it is read. And being able to skip over lines of code – or even go back – by setting the execution point, is a feature newly added just last year that really rounds out our debugging support.

Coming up next will be the third and final part of this series (or the fouth debugger video, overall), where we’ll look at lower level GDB and LLDB support, attaching to external, local, processes, remote debugging, debugging as root, and debugging core dumps.

Update (May 4, 2021): CLion Debugging – Beyond the Basics – Part 3: Beyond Local

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