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CLion 2021.1 Goes Beta! With Fixes for Project Models and More MISRA Checks

CLion 2021.1 has reached Beta! Build 211.6693.7 is available from our website, via the Toolbox App, or as a snap package (for Ubuntu).

CLion Beta


Main highlights:

  • For Makefile projects:

    • Updating the toolchain used for your Makefile project now triggers a project reload.
    • Extracting the make targets for projects with a large number of them now works correctly.
    • For Makefile projects with the MinGW toolchain, CLion now handles directories with both backward (\) and forward slashes (/) correctly while loading the project.
  • For compilation database projects:

    • Clang-cl is now supported for such projects.
  • New MISRA C and C++ checks:

    • An exception object should not have the pointer type.
    • A few new checks now prohibit the usage of particular library functions, for example, bsearch and qsort of stdlib.h, the time handling functions of the ctime library, or atof, atoi and atol from the cstdlib library.

Please see the full release notes here.


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