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CLion 2021.1.2 Bug-fix Update

The early access program for CLion 2021.2 is already open. Meanwhile, we’re working on bug fixes for version 2021.1 and today have released the 2021.1.2 bug-fix update.

Build 211.7442.42 is now available on our website, via the patch-update, in the Toolbox App, or as a snap (for Ubuntu).


The highlights include:

  • C++ language:

    • Show consteval in Override/Generate dialogs and Structure view.
    • Generate Definition action no longer loses the requires clause of a constrained function.
    • Override action no longer drops trailing return type in cases when a function has overloads.
    • Override action no longer loses the constexpr virtual function.
    • Join lines action became more accurate (CPP-24990, CPP-25010).
    • Quick fix to change return type or add return statement is available now for consteval functions.
    • A lot of fixes for false positives in the Unused code inspection, as well as fixes for the corresponding safe delete quick fixes.
  • Code formatting:

    • Incorrect reformatting of the bitwise XOR is fixed.
    • Incorrect braces indentation after #pragma omp parallel is fixed.
  • Debugger:

    • GDB 10.1 no longer crashes when printing a struct variable with a flexible array member (CPP-24874).
    • GDB on macOS now works with remote targets.
  • Project models:

    • Custom Build Application configuration now skips the Build step if the tool is not specified (CPP-25004).
  • Other improvements:

    • Fixed the problem causing the color scheme to change unexpectedly (IDEA-265169).
    • Chinese characters are now displayed correctly when the Quick Documentation action is invoked (IDEA-268158).
    • Tab and indent settings no longer reset when you relaunch the IDE (IDEA-267368).

You can find the full release notes here. If you haven’t yet updated to v2021.1, now is a great time to do so. Check out the 2021.2 EAP if you are interested in what’s coming next.


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