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CLion 2021.1.3 Bug-fix Update With Fixes for CUDA and More

A new CLion 2021.1.3 bug-fix update is available! Download build 211.7628.27 from our website, get an update via the patch, update in the Toolbox App, or snap (for Ubuntu).

The highlights include:

  • Fixes for CUDA:
    • Fixed red CUDA code with Visual Studio C++ toolchain (CPP-25687).
    • Fixed the code completion in CUDA code that stopped working after including a normal C++ header file (*.h) to the CUDA files (CPP-25144).
    • Fixed the incorrect error Use of undeclared identificator __cudaPushCallConfiguration (CPP-25157).
  • IntelliJ-platform fixes:
    • JetBrains Runtime was updated to 11.0.11-b1341.60, which includes many UI fixes.
    • CLion no longer shows update notifications from disabled plugins (IDEA-267878).
    • Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys work for text selection as it should, instead of resizing the dialog by mistake (IDEA-267294).
    • Fixed an unexpected closure of the Compare with branch dialog (IDEA-251381).

You can find the full release notes here. If you haven’t updated to v2021.1, now is a great time to do so. Check out the 2021.2 EAP if you are interested in what’s coming next.


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