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CLion 2021.2.2 Bug-fix Update

The CLion 2021.2.2 bug-fix update is now available for download! You can get the full 212.5284.51 build from our website. You can also get the new version via a patch update, in the Toolbox App, or as a snap (for Ubuntu).


The main highlights include:

  • CMake Presets:
    • Fixed an incorrect CMake macro expansion on Windows (CPP-26401).
    • When inheriting the presets, the toolchain field is inherited (CPP-26165).
  • Makefile projects:
    • Respect the character encoding value in all make processes (CPP-26237).
    • Use custom make settings during make target extraction (CPP-25620).
  • Formatting:
    • Support the case when the base indent is shorter than the tab size and CLion is configured to use tabs (CPP-22692).
    • Fixed an incorrect “File is not opened in a workspace” error when reformatting the code (CPP-26305).
  • Other fixes:
    • On Windows, when using LLDB for MSVC toolchain, the Natvis CustomListItems block with templated types now works correctly with multiple different instances (CPP-26204).
    • A more accurate warning is shown when launching the configuration with Valgrind Memcheck and sanitizers at the same time (CPP-25955).

You can find the full release notes here.

If you’re wondering what’s coming next, please check out the roadmap for CLion 2021.3.


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