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CLion 2021.3 Release Candidate

We are approaching the release, and the CLion 2021.3 Release Candidate is now available for download!

To install CLion 2021.3 RC (build 213.5744.123), download it from the website, update from our Toolbox App, or use this snap package (for Ubuntu).

Release Candidate

You need to have an active subscription or a trial license to use CLion 2021.3 RC. No patches will be provided for this release candidate from the stable CLion versions or EAP builds. However, you can expect a patch-update to CLion 2021.3 release from the latest CLion 2021.2 bug-fix update.


Check out the main highlights and give the build a try.

Smart Completion

Smart type-matching code completion (Smart Completion) filters the list of suggestions and shows only the types applicable to the current context. In this update we moved this type of completion to a Clangd-based engine and fixed several issues affecting the user experience:

  • We removed the main function from the smart completion list.
  • We removed the std namespace ABI qualifier (__1) from items in the completion list.
  • Function completion now offers types from all possible overloads (CPP-27047).
  • Constructor invocations were added to the completion list (CPP-5350).
  • We added nullptr to the completion list.

We recommend you keep completion via clangd enabled, but if you experience any issues, you can disable it and switch to the CLion’s own engine in Settings/Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | C/C++ | Clangd.

In addition, variables that start with an underscore were added to the completion list in basic completion.


Our clangd-based language engine got an update that fixed several regressions:

As of recently, this EAP also supports the Visual Studio 2022 release as a CLion toolchain.

The full release notes are available here. Give the RC build a try, and make sure to report any problems you find to our issue tracker.


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