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CLion 2021.3 Release Candidate 2

Another Release Candidate for CLion 2021.3 is now available!

To install CLion 2021.3 RC2 (build 213.5744.190), download it from the website, update from our Toolbox App, or use this snap package (for Ubuntu). The patch update from CLion 2021.3 RC is also available.

Release Candidate

You need to have an active subscription or a trial license to use CLion 2021.3 RC2.


In this EAP cycle, we added qualified names to the Structure View. This helps to easily distinguish member functions with the same name coming from different classes or from different namespaces. However, the qualified names can be quite long. For the sake of convenience, we’ve introduced a toggle feature. The qualified names are enabled by default in the Structure tool window (Alt+7 on Windows/Linux, ⌘7 on macOS), but can be toggled on and off:
Structure tool window

We’ve also incorporated a setting in the Structure pop-up (Ctrl+F12 on Windows/Linux, ⌘F12 on macOS):
Structure popup

This build also includes a small cosmetic fix to the FreeRTOS object view.

The full release notes are available here. Give this build a try, and make sure to report any problems you find to our issue tracker. The final release is just around the corner – stay tuned!

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