CLion Roadmap for 2022.2

CLion 2022.1 was released a couple of weeks ago and is focused on quality improvements. It enhances existing workflows for remote development, Docker, CMake projects, and CUDA debugging.

Now it’s time to share what the team will be focusing on over the coming months and is aiming to deliver in 2022.2 (or in later releases).

The following is only a preliminary plan and not a promise or commitment. Tasks might be changed or rescheduled for various reasons. We cannot guarantee that all of the issues listed below will be addressed in CLion 2022.2.

  • Toolchains
    • For Docker toolchain, investigate and improve the performance of project loading.
  • Project models
    • GUI for CMake variables (CPP-423).
    • Quick Documentation for CMake commands (CPP-4857).
    • We are also starting our work on vcpkg integration (CPP-23248). However, we plan to spend 2022.2 on the internal prototype and won’t release anything publicly.
  • C++ language support
    • C++20 Modules support will be our primary task here. With CMake and Visual Studio generator, it’s now finally possible to use this major language feature in real-world projects. That’s why we are starting work on the C++20 modules in the CLion’s language engine.
    • Another direction is enhancing the accuracy of CLion’s Data Flow Analysis with interval analysis. For this, we’ll add support for comparisons (<, >, <=, >=) of integral types to help with assumptions like unreachable code or constant conditions (CPP-28313). On top of interval analysis, we will also build the “Array index is out of bounds check (CPP-28302).
    • We plan to continue our work on reducing the number of Clangd crashes and thus improving the overall quality and stability of the language engine in CLion.
  • Debugger
    • We’ll continue enhancing our LLDB-based debugger for the Visual Studio C++ toolchain on Windows. The same debugger is also used in Rider for Unreal Engine projects, so the work is shared between the teams.
    • We plan to test and bundle LLDB 14.0 into CLion.
  • Embedded development
    • We plan to continue working on the Serial Monitor plugin we already started earlier.
  • Dogfooding remote development
    Remote development with the thin client was released for CLion 2021.3 and bundled in version 2022.1. There are still a lot of issues and unsupported C++ specific workflows which we need to identify. We are looking forward to feedback from you, our users, while also dogfooding the new remote development within the team. For example, our Clang subteam decided to use it in their work. They will log the issues they encounter along the way, and we will collaborate with the remote development team here at JetBrains on fixing those issues during the next release cycles.

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