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Early Access to C++Now 2022 Videos

C++Now is one of the most academic events in the C++ calendar. Up in the mountains for a week in Aspen, Colorado, attendees dive into all kinds of profound C++ topics, from new language features and proposals to libraries and tools. C++ chats start at breakfast and continue until late at night in the bar. As the conference describes itself, the C++Now participants pushe C++ to its limits and let the community know what C++ will look like tomorrow and what we can do with C++ now!

The C++Now 2022 edition was held in May. Not that many attendees were present, but luckily the great talks from the event were recorded and will be published for everyone on the conference’s YouTube channel a bit later, but you can already enjoy early access to them now.

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As a video sponsor, JetBrains is happy to offer you early access to the C++Now 2022 conference recordings! The talks will be available on a dedicated landing page and will appear there as soon as they are processed by the conference video crew and uploaded, one by one.


The page already includes the following talks, among others:

  • The keynotes! A Future of Value Semantics and Generic Programming Parts 1 and 2, by Dave Abrahams
  • Top 5 Library Additions in C++23, by Jeff Garland
  • Customization Methods: Connecting User And Library Code, by Inbal Levi
  • Embracing noexcept Operators and Specifiers Safely, by John Lakos

Also, don’t miss this trip report from the conference by Timur Doumler.

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