CLion Roadmap for 2022.3

CLion 2022.2 was released a couple of weeks ago and is focused on CMake integration enhancements, improvements to code documentation, and code analysis abilities expansion.

CLion 2022.2.1 bug-fix update

Before moving forward, we want to publish several important fixes that didn’t make it into the v2022.2 release. CLion 2022.2.1 bug-fix update (build 222.3739.54) is available today with the following fixes:

  • C++ support:
    • We added navigation to the base class from the template class (CPP-29650).
    • We fixed the incorrect Condition is always false warning for string.find (CPP-29884).
  • Toolchains:
    • The gencode CUDA compile options no longer break the code insight features in CLion (CPP-24309).
    • For WSL toolchain, spaces in the path used by CLion no longer break the build (CPP-30020).
    • CLion can now successfully collect compiler information and thus work correctly with IAR compilers for AVR and MSP430 (CPP-19993, CPP-29803).
    • Emscripten CMake toolchain is now handled by the IDE correctly (CPP-29209).
  • CMake:
    • ANSI colors produced in CMake MESSAGES are now correctly rendered in the CMake tool window (CPP-18940).
  • Performance:
    • We fixed a freeze that happened for unguarded mutual #includes (CPP-26398).

The full release notes are available here.


Looking forward to CLion 2022.3

Now it’s time to share what the team will be focusing on over the coming months and is aiming to deliver in 2022.3 (or in later releases).

The following is only a preliminary plan and not a promise or commitment. Tasks might be changed or rescheduled for various reasons. We cannot guarantee that all of the issues listed below will be addressed in CLion 2022.3.

  • C++ Support
    • We’ll continue with C++20 modules support. This work started earlier this year and will continue during the coming release cycle. For v2022.3, we aim to open CMake-based projects using C++20 modules, successfully highlight the code, and provide basic code insight features. Which features for C++20 modules are you most eagerly anticipating from the IDE? Let us know in the comments to prioritize our activities.
    • We’ll continue our work to enhance the data flow analysis in CLion and documentation in CLion. This time we plan to add possible values of a variable to the Quick Documentation popup when the IDE can statically derive them from the code.
    • Several freezes and completion performance for big files are also on the list.
  • Unit Testing
    • Support custom executable for GTest.
    • Improve UI/UX of the Google Test configurations (CPP-29138).
    • Improve tests indexation performance.
  • Project Models and Toolchains
    • We plan to add an action that helps you add existing files to the CMake project.
    • To help users with CMake editing, we plan to introduce font and color settings for CMake, as well as a Structure view for CMake files.
    • For our educational users who don’t want to create a fully functional project, we’re working on a simplified mode for running current files.
  • Debugger and Embedded Development
    • We plan to work on a disassemble on demand feature. This won’t be ready or publicly available in 2022.3, but the work is starting now.
    • Improve run/debug as root on macOS (CPP-23844).
    • To enhance CLion’s RTOS support, we plan to add support for Azure RTOS ThreadX aware debugging.
    • Support for extended-remote GDB mode (CPP-7090).
  • Other Integrations
    • QML syntax support: The unofficial QML plugin has existed for a long while and has its issues. We decided to improve the quality of the QML syntax support in CLion and work on the proper integration. For now, we only plan to support syntax highlighting and code completion for the majority of QML types. However, if you have other ideas you’d like to suggest, please submit them via the issue tracker.
    • vcpkg integration is something we have been working on for a while, and hopefully we can share the results with you soon.
    • Opening documentation at with Shift+F1 is also something we are currently working on.

That’s it! Have an idea for a feature? Share it with us in the issue tracker or in the comments.

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