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CLion 2023.3.2 Bug-Fix Update

The CLion 2023.3.2 bug-fix update is here!

The fixes included in this update are listed below. Download build 233.13135.93 from our website, through the Toolbox App, as a snap package for Ubuntu, or via a patch from inside the IDE.


While bug-fix update 2023.3.1 was mostly focused on addressing AI Assistant licensing issues, this second update brings fixes from many other areas.

PlatformIO integration

We fixed the issue with PlatformIO‘s serial device monitor so that it no longer throws Inappropriate ioctl for device errors (CPP-19591). We also fixed the issue with the PlatformIO Upload action that was not available (CPP-34696). Finally, files at the second nesting level in the project directories are no longer marked as if they don’t belong to the project (CPP-35938).

Speed up test indexing

Test indexing is one of the most CPU- and time-consuming IDE procedures. To speed it up, you can create a test scope manually. After you have a test scope, only the files filtered by this scope will be processed during test indexation.

Starting with this update, you can also use CLion’s mechanism of automatically detecting test scopes. Check our webhelp to learn how to do so.
Test Scope creation

Code analysis

In v2023.3, we transitioned CLion’s data flow analysis to a new approach and performed low-level optimizations, bringing great improvements both to analysis accuracy and to memory consumption and performance. A few blog posts have been dedicated to these changes:

This update brings several enhancements to this built-in analysis:

  • We fixed the incorrect The address of the local variable may escape the function warning in cases when += operator is used (CPP-34721) and the incorrect Value escapes the local scope that occurred for struct fields (CPP-11482).
  • We fixed a few cases with incorrectly detected dangling pointers (CPP-33198, CPP-25277).

We plan to publish the third post in the Striving For Better C++ Code series summarizing the improvements in the beginning of 2024.

Other fixes

  • If variable data collection in the debugger is too slow, CLion no longer ends the debug session, but instead cancels the children loading in the debugger UI (CPP-36312).
  • CLion no longer adds CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE by mistake when multi-config generators are used (CPP-33514).

You can read the full release notes here.


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