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CLion starts 2020.1 Early Access Program: improvements to Clang-based tools and debugger, new font and editor theme, and more

Hi, We’ve got a lot planned for 2020 and 2020.1 and now it’s time to start our regular Early Access Program! EAP builds are free and give you a preview of the upcoming changes and enhancements. They might not be … Continue reading

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CLion 2019.2 has landed with new functionality for Embedded Developers, experimental MSVC debugger, updated Unused Includes check, parameter hints, and much more

CLion 2019.2, the second big update this year, is here now! It brings improvements for Embedded Developers and adds more debugging abilities – including an experimental debugger for the Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain. That’s not all, there’s a fully-reworked Unused … Continue reading

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CLion 2019.2 EAP: MSVC Debugger, Unused Includes Check, and More

Hi, A new CLion 2019.2 EAP (build 192.5438.15) is now available. Download the full build from our site, install it via the Toolbox App, or use a snap package if you are using Ubuntu. A patch-update for the previous EAP … Continue reading

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CLion 2018.2 EAP: argument selection defects inspection

Hi, Please welcome CLion 2018.2 EAP (build 182.3569.10)! As usual, a patch-update will be available shortly for those using the previous EAP build, and you can also use Toolbox app or snap packages (in the case of Ubuntu) to get … Continue reading

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CLion 2017.2 released: Clang-Tidy, Force Step Into, better C++ support and performance improvements

Please welcome the new release of your favorite cross-platform C/C++ IDE – CLion 2017.2! Focusing on C++ correctness and performance improvements, it also brings Clang-Tidy integration to expand the number of code analysis checks, a better way to get disassembly … Continue reading

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CLion starts 2017.2 EAP with Clang-Tidy integration

Hi everyone, Great news – CLion 2017.2 EAP starts now! We had a lot of work planned for this iteration, and especially one thing that was nearly ready for 2017.1 but got postponed in the end as it required more … Continue reading

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