DataGrip 2018.1.3

Hello! This is another minor update for 2018.1. Here is the list of important bug-fixes:

DBE-3195 — Auto-completion for object types
DBE-5340 — Compiling PL/SQL code works OK
Support for:
DBE-2581 — Conditional compilation flags
DBE-6027 — SET statements with multiple clauses
DBE-6378 — JSON keyword

DBE-6301 — The bug with creating foreign keys between tables is fixed
DBE-6391 — Fields are resolved in LOOP cycle

DBE-6336 — MAXFILESIZE support for UNLOAD

Sql Server
DBE-6325, DBE-6370 — Columns for OUTPUT are resolved
DBE-6354 — Support for ORDER BY in subqueries

DBE-6367 — CTE support
DBE-6368 — DROP CASCADE support

DataGrip team

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7 Responses to DataGrip 2018.1.3

  1. David says:

    Hey guys, when viewing DDL at least in SQL Server dialect can we have it auto refresh when you click the DDL view button. There are times were I do a double take and then remember to hit the sync/refresh button. Also the matching “if” with no begin keyword causes other ifs to mismatch in highlight; granted the code could be written better…

  2. Jeffrey Huntsman says:

    Is there a timeframe for support of Microsoft LocalDB 2017?

  3. adekunle says:

    @maksim, could you pm me your email? There is an issue with the DataGrip application and how the auto-sync function interacts with Redshift. I would like to discuss this issue and possibly have a fix in DataGrip introduced in the next version.

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