DataGrip 2018.2.3

Hello! This is another minor update for 2018.2. It includes several important bug-fixes.

Some people complained that the new SQL log was not really very friendly: the output panel would become hard to read due to the number of internal queries. So, we removed the internal queries from this panel: now you will see only the queries which were run explicitly by the user, including those, which were run from the UI.


If you still need to inspect literally all the queries that DataGrip has run, check the SQL log file: Help → Show SQL log.

Other fixes:

DBE-6889: DataGrip executes procedures fine with old MySQL jdbc connectors.
DBE-6982: No more deadlock in read-only mode.
DBE-6810: We fixed the highlighting in DB2.
DBE-5459: Internal files are not shown in the Go to File list.
DBE-6939: No more lags in code formatter settings preview.
DBE-6823: Custom code style can be used as default.

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