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DataGrip 2018.3.4

Hi! We have an update for 2018.3. Some bug-fixes are inside.

SQL formatter: we’re still improving it!

DBE-7362: Formatter works in SQL-injections.
DBE-7376: Better WITH formatting.
DBE-6937: Better arrays formatting in PostgreSQL.
DBE-4805: We keep the case of quoted identifiers in PostgreSQL.
DBE-7881: Support for ON CONFLICT clause in PostgreSQL.
DBE-7890: No more line break after PERFORM in PostgreSQL.
DBE-7605: INTO TEMP TABLE support in PostgreSQL.
DBE-7806: Better formatting for variables in SQL Server.


During data import errors are written into a file by default.
DBE-7838: Fixed bug with missed reference when creating a foreign key.
DBE-7840: Autoscroll from the editor works correctly.
DBE-7896: No more raw HTML in notifications.

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