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DataGrip 2019.1.1

Hi! This is the first update for DataGrip 2019.1. We’ve made some improvements regarding positional column references.

Column references are resolved in GROUP BY (before the resolve worked only in ORDER BY).

Screenshot 2019-04-25 16.32.11

If the column reference is unresolved, DataGrip will highlight it.

Screenshot 2019-04-24 16.44.28

By the way, unresolved references are now highlighted in red. This is consistent with all our IDEs. Red helps draw your attention to something that’s not normal, and generally, unresolved references are not normal! Have everything resolved makes navigation and code insight features work as they should.

We’ve also introduced a couple of intention actions:

  • Replace column number with a name
  • Replace column name with an ordinal number


It is also possible to set the timezone for the session.


And a few other important fixes:

DBE-3024 The first version of the native introspection for Snowflake was introduced
DBE-2056 [SQLite]: ROWID is shown in the column list
DBE-3315 COUNT(*) works for queries with JOINs and GROUP BY
DBE-4533 Access to the last page of the query is not slow anymore

That does it. Cheers!

The DataGrip Team

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