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DataGrip 2019.2: services, full-text search, filtering in navigation, easy paging, naming of results tabs, query live timer and more!

Hello! We’ve just released DataGrip 2019.2. In this post, we’ll highlight the new features briefly. For detailed descriptions, please visit the What’s new page.


Services tool window

— Observe and manage all the connections
— Manage Docker services
— Query live timer


Full-text search

— Search for data everywhere
— SQL preview
— Search in columns that don’t support the LIKE operator
— [PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB] Search only in columns that are indexed
— [Oracle] The following indices are used, if they exist: context, ctxrule, ctxcat
— [SQL Server] Search is aware of full-text indexes
— [Cassandra] Make several queries for one table


Data editor

— The page size is easy to change
— The results tabs can be named
— [Cassandra] Edit columns of type: set, list, map, tuple, udt, inet, uuid, and timeuuid


Database tree view

— Quick table backup
— Quick group creation
Force Refresh action
— Table comments are displayed
— Indicator for live connections


Filtering in search and navigation

GoTo popup: filter by data source or a group of them
Find in path: filter by data source or a group of them


Coding assistance

— Completion and resolution use objects from system catalogs
— Quick-fixes are integrated into the inspection tooltip
— New inspections, Unnecessary usage of CASE and Possible truncation of the string
— An intention action to Convert GROUP BY to DISTINCT
— Two new combined items, IS NULL and IS NOT NULL, are now included in code completion
— An Introduce alias action was added to the Refactoring menu


Code editor

— New option to control the behavior of Move Caret to Next Word
Select current statement action
— Folding of big numbers
— The option Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab is enabled by default
Surround a selection with a quote or brace is enabled by default


You can update to this new updated and improved version free if you have a subscription to DataGrip or the All Products Pack. Try it out and please share your thoughts and comments on it with us!

For more details please see the What’s new page.


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