DataGrip 2019.3 EAP is Open!

Hello! We have begun our DataGrip 2019.3 EAP and there is something really exciting inside.

MongoDB support

Finally, the day has come for us to start working on MongoDB support. After more than 400 votes we have decided now is a good time to begin including at least some very basic functionality.

What actually works now:


You can observe collections and fields in the database explorer. We fetch the first 10 documents from each collection to get information about the fields. This can be customized via the JDBC parameter fetch_documents_for_metainfo which is available in the Advanced tab of the data source properties dialog.


Data viewer

Open any collection or observe the query result and you can sort by columns or filter the values also paging works as well.


Query console

There is currently no coding assistance, but this doesn’t stop you running queries and getting the results. To run a statement, select it and run it via Ctr/Cmd+Enter or by using the Play button on the toolbar.


These commands are available right now:

use <database>
show databases or show dbs
show collections
db.collection.update({…}, {…})
db.collection.updateOne({…}, {…})

The EAP program stage is the best time to provide your feedback, so please comment here or create issues in our tracker.

3-way source code merge

When you submit source code and DataGrip determines that it was changed while you were editing it, a notification will pop up. This notification will suggest you to resolve the conflict by way of a three-way-merge.


Also, don’t forget that if you want to make sure that you won’t be deleting someone else’s work by submitting an outdated object, the Warn if editing outdated DDL option should be turned on.


That’s it!

DataGrip team.

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