DataGrip 2019.3.3


Here is the third bug-fix update for DataGrip 2019.3.

Important bug-fixes

  • The right schema is used when adding a foreign key constraint to a table. DBE-9743
  • Auto sync is working after a DROP followed by a CREATE statement. DBE-9980
  • No more freezes in JOIN completion. DBE-9844
  • [Oracle] The OracleSqlPlus dialect is back. DBE-10030
  • [ClickHouse] Deleting rows works as expected.
  • [BigQuery] Identifiers are quoted using back quotes.
  • [BigQuery] LIMIT and OFFSET are generated when opening a table‚Äôs data.


The DataGrip Team

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4 Responses to DataGrip 2019.3.3

  1. phoenix says:

    “[BigQuery] Identifiers are quoted using back quotes.[BigQuery] Identifiers are quoted using back quotes.”

    how is it works? I couldnt make it work.
    there is still no native connection for bigquery, as i saw.

  2. Garrett Stevens says:

    Is there actually legit support for BigQuery in DataGrip? Even if not, is there official support for the BigQuery SQL dialect (this post seems to hint that there is); where/how do I find & use these?

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