DataGrip 2020.1.3

Hello! Here’s a brief overview of the important things we’ve added and fixed in 2020.1.3


DBE-1845: The data editor tab appears automatically for CSV files.


: Pasting to the data editor automatically creates new rows.


DBE-8019: The data editor allows for scrolling beyond the last row.
DBE-10484: The file name is pre-selected in the dump data dialog.
DBE-8121: The dedicated node for trigger functions has been added to the database tree view.
DBE-10483: [MongoDB]: Collection references specified as string literals are now resolved correctly.
DBE-10410: [Redshift] Support for the syntax of materialized views has been added.


DBE-10408: No more UI freezes when editing large SQL strings.
DBE-9272: Save LOB works for the results of complex queries.

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2 Responses to DataGrip 2020.1.3

  1. Joe says:

    With this update, my CPU Usage is constantly above 500% when typing. I’ve seen it go as high as 680.
    2018 15″ MacBook Pro

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