DataGrip Early Access Program Features News

DataGrip 2020.3 EAP 2

Hello! We’ve got something new for you in this fresh EAP build.

Azure AD authentication

The DataGrip community has been asking for this for a while! You can now use Azure AD to log in to your database.

Collect introspection diagnostic information

Introspection is the process by which DataGrip retrieves information about a database. This information is used to show the objects in the database explorer, display their DDLs, suggest them during completion, and so on.

Sometimes introspection runs into problems. Now, when things go wrong, you can collect useful data that you can pass on to our support team or include in a ticket in our issue tracker, in order to get the best help possible.

Diagnostic refresh will refresh the database and collect all the queries into one single file which will then be shown in the Explorer/Finder. You can inspect this file on your own if you wish, but it’s intended for you to send to us for when introspection is too slow.

Prepare introspector diagnostic will create three files and show the folder we need you to send us if introspection works incorrectly, that is, if it shows something outdated or doesn’t show new objects.

Tab names for SQL Server

The ability to name the tabs of the result has become a favorite among many users, but it did not work in SQL Server if you ran several statements at once. We’ve fixed that now, so enjoy naming your result tabs!

Please try this EAP build and let us know what you think.

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