DataGrip 2021.1 EAP 2

Hello! Here’s yet another build in our EAP for DataGrip 2021.1.


Straightforward actions

We’ve simplified the navigation and got rid of these settings:

If you never changed these settings and had these check-boxes marked by default, the major change in 2021.1 for you is the following: Go to declaration (Ctrl/Cmd+B) on the object in SQL now leads you to the DDL, not to the database tree.

We also introduced a shortcut for the Select in database tree action: Alt+Shift+B for Windows/Linux and Opt+Shift+B for MacOS.

The main reasoning behind this change is the idea that the logic should be straightforward: each action should bring you to one predictable place.

Now, if you have the the cursor on the object:

  • Ctrl/Cmd+B shows the DDL.
  • F4 shows data.
  • Alt/Opt+Shift+B highlights the object in the database tree.

We do understand that some habits might be broken and we’re ready to provide ways to return your previous experience. Some tips:

  • Know the power of the keymap! If you liked Ctrl/Cmd+B opening the database explorer, just remap the shortcut for Select in database tree.
  • If you liked that Ctrl/Cmd+B or Ctrl/Cmd+Click opened the CREATE definition when the object used in SQL was not yet created, just don’t remove these shortcuts from Go to declaration after remapping that we mentioned in the previous tip.
  • If you used the unchecked ‘Preview data editor over DDL editor‘ setting and liked that double-click was opening the DDL, this behavior can be only brought back by the registry key: According to our data, very few users used this flow. We also recommend using shortcuts for opening DDL for objects.

Known Problem: Now if you click on the table name in Search Everywhere, the DDL is opened, not the data editor. We’ll come up with the solution here.

Please let us know if any cases are no longer covered by this new flow.

Database tab

Even though this is just a label renaming, we thought we’d highlight it: the second tab in the search field actually searches not only for tables, but also views, functions, and procedures. The shortcut is Cmd+O/Ctrl+N.

Data Editor

Edit data in MongoDB

A very crucial feature for thosу who work with MongoDB: starting with this version, you can edit data in MongoDB collections. The statement preview is available.

For now you cannot change the type of the field when editing, but we expect to add this possibility in the next EAP build.

New toolbar

We’ve reworked the toolbar of the data editor. Roll-back and commit buttons are no longer displayed in automatic transaction mode, and there are two new buttons: revert changes and find.


Azure MFA support

Azure Active Directory interactive authentication is supported. When it is used, the browser will automatically open and let you log in.

Redshift driver 2.x

The Redshift 2.x JDBC driver is available for DataGrip users starting with version 2021.1. The major enhancement here is the ability to cancel queries.

Database explorer

Easy copy-paste of data sources

The ability to copy and paste data sources was introduced a long time ago. But starting with 2021.1, you can use copy, cut, and paste data sources with some of the most famous shortcuts in the world: Ctrl/Cmd+C/V/X.

  • When you copy a data source, the XML is copied into the clipboard. You can share it via messenger and also use the Paste action after copying that XML from the external place.
  • If you cut and paste a data source inside one project, it will be just moved, no password required. But the password is required in all the other cases.
  • Cut can be undone via Ctrl/Cmd+Z.

Coding assistance

Ambiguous column name when using CTE

The inspection that reports about ambiguous column names has become smarter and now takes into account columns inside common table expressions:

Discover more

DataGrip 2021.1.2

Hello! Today we’ve got a new minor update for DataGrip 2021.1. Let's see what’s been improved. Features DBE-13048: Some run configurations require the data source to be disconnected first. Now it’s possible to disconnect from a data source before launch. DBE-12906: We’ve introduced a Modify grants action. Introspection DBE-6276: [PostgreSQL] Support for security policies. DBE-13138 [Redshift] Support for sort keys for tables and views. DBE-13024: [Redshift] Fixed the bug with the completely failed introspection. DBE-12442: [Oracle] Source code is retrieved correctly for Oracle 9i. DBE-13146: [Oracle] Type attributes are retrieved correctly for Oracle 11. DBE-12954: [BigQuery] No more missing schemas. DBE-12166: [BigQuery] Creating a temporary function doesn't re-run the introspection. Navigation and search DBE-12901: It's possible to navigate to the data source from the Database tab of the search. DBE-11738: The Context data source scope works again in search. DBE-12968: Color settings are respected again in search. DBE-13090: View DDL from data works again. DBE-5341: Go to related symbol has been added to the context menu of the object in the code editor. DBE-4960: [PostgreSQL] Go to related symbol works for navigating from triggers to the related procedure, and vice versa. DBE-13033: Navigation by foreign keys supports references to one column. DBE-13037: Scroll from editor works from the data editor. DBE-12967: [SQlite] Full-Text Search uses LIKE to search within LONGVARCHAR fields. Data viewer DBE-5435, DBE-11780, DBE-12827, DBE-11591: Fixed some bugs with missing ctid columns. DBE-13150: The data diff viewer works again. DBE-13126: Text search works when invoked a second time. DBE-12985: [MySQL]: The default value for the date field is now correct. DBE-12940: The Toggle Soft-Wrap and Toggle Formatting buttons don't disappear anymore. DBE-12594: Formatted mode for XML no longer removes all spaces. Code generation DBE-8654: Run routine generated code contains qualified objects. DBE-12934: Argument direction is taken into account when modifying the routine. DBE-12873 [BigQuery] Int64 is the default type when creating a new column. DBE-12892 [BigQuery] Dropping views now works. Code highlighting DBE-9813: [Clickhouse] Support for CREATE DICTIONARY. DBE-12996: [Clickhouse] Support for EXISTS (database | dictionary | view) statements. DBE-12993: [Clickhouse] Correct syntax highlighting for CREATE OR REPLACE. DBE-12994: [BigQuery] Support for EXPORT DATA, TABLESAMPLE SYSTEM, CREATE SCHEMA, ALTER SCHEMA, and DROP SCHEMA. That's all for today! The DataGrip team