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DataGrip 2021.3.4

Hi! The new DataGrip 2021.3.4 bug-fix update is now available! Here are some of the most important issues we’ve addressed:

DBE-14416 [PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Redshift]: The introspector is now more stable if errors occur.  
DBE-10913: Synonym quick info now displays information about the target object.
DBE-14724: The console toolbar disappears automatically after session detach for non-SQL files.
DBE-11591 [PostgreSQL]: DataGrip will automatically re-run queries without CTID if it causes an error in Postgres Citus.
DBE-14728 [Azure]: Fixed Copy Table to… when the action is invoked from the context menu or from Find Action.
DBE-14697: After executing the migration script, DataGrip automatically refreshes the target schema. 
DBE-14633: The Oracle debugger now works as expected.

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