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DataGrip 2022.1.2

Today we’re releasing the second minor update for DataGrip 2022.1.


[Oracle] DBE-6034: We have added support for virtual columns (aka computed columns).

Important fixes:

  • DBE-14943: Fixed an error with incorrect qualification of language objects.
  • DBE-15080: Fixed bug with non-closing error pane when executing a query from SQL Injection.
  • DBE-10691: Added a duplicate button next to the SSH dropdown so you can easily modify a copied datasource. 
  • DBE-13562: Removing a project from Recent Projects now works correctly.
  • DBE-15228: Go to related now works with virtual foreign keys.
  • DBE-14305: Made it possible to add JDBC drivers directly from zip archives.
  • DBE-15324: Import progress bar now shows the import status correctly.
  • DBE-15396: Fixed the incorrect appearance of diagram edges.
  • DBE-15161: Copy Column Name action now works for multiple columns.
  • DBE-11706: Enabled the UP and DOWN keys in numeric fields in the datetime picker.
  • DBE-15284: Fixed the problem with tree scrolling in Modify Table.
  • DBE-15093: Fixed the problem with saving large files.
  • DBE-9974: The Data tab will no longer be displayed for non-CSV files. 
  • Fixed the problem preventing the dumping of files in the SQL Generator.
  • [Microsoft SQL Server] DBE-15198: Explain Analyze works correctly.
  • [BigQuery] DBE-15005: Support for creating and dropping columns.
  • [Snowflake] DBE-15310: Fixed the bug with introspection.
  • [MySQL] DBE-15251: Fixed invalid code for security invoker.

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