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DataGrip 2022.2.3

Hello! We’ve released the third bug-fix update for DataGrip 2022.2. Here’s what’s been improved:

  • DBE-6418 We’ve added the Smallest subquery or statement option in Preferences | Query Execution | When inside statement execute. It will run the nested subquery under the cursor or the entire statement if there is no subquery.
  • DBE-16264 Ignore modification of the identifier case in schema diff now works as expected.
  • DBE-16138 The autocompletion popup in the Data Editor filter field is now enabled right after restart. 
  • DBE-16277 Modify object no longer generates extra grant/revoke statements. 
  • Escape in the in-editor result set now moves the focus to the editor as expected. 
  • DBE-15913 [Redshift] Routines are now introspected correctly.
  • [SQL Server] We’ve fixed the issue with high CPU usage and improved performance.
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