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DataGrip 2022.3 EAP 3

Hello! Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve released in the latest update to DataGrip 2022.3 EAP.

UI for virtual foreign keys

The ability to create virtual foreign keys was introduced a while ago and the main way to create them was by using the intention action Store Relation at the JOIN clause in your query. This was a little bit tricky to find and the whole functionality lacked an intuitive way to use it. Here’s an overview of the implemented changes:

Virtual foreign keys are visible in the database explorer:

You can create and drop them here, in the database explorer, and also in the Modify Table dialog.

Bear in mind that virtual foreign keys are mainly used for:

  • JOIN clause code completion.
  • Showing virtual relationships in the diagrams.
  • Navigation by data relationships in the data editor.

New layout for the SQL schema generator: Per Object By Schema and Type

The new layout is called Per Object By Schema and Type. If it’s used for generating SQL for the whole schema, the resulting files will be placed in folders according to the object’s type: tables, views, etc.

Startup script for session templates

It’s now possible to set the startup script for the session templates. This means that the script will be run each time a new session is created based on the corresponding template. For example, it lets DataGrip run use secondary roles all for the introspection in Snowflake.

That’s it for today! Thank you for reading.

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