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DataGrip 2023.1 EAP 2

We’re continuing our release cycle dedicated to product quality. However, no new features will be introduced in the upcoming release. 

Here’s the list of improvements and fixes you can already try in this EAP build:

DBE-16238: Errors no longer appear while saving a diagram.

DBE-17229: The Schema diff viewer now works properly. Previously it opened empty if there were database or server objects included.

DBE-7087: Usage search no longer looks in the installation bundled resources.

DBE-17434: The correct font color is used in the data editor header.

DBE-17292: The Quick Doc window doesn’t freeze when counting rows.

DBE-17362: The schema switcher works properly in the new UI.

DBE-17375: .ids files can now be opened.

Support request: Image preview works correctly in the value editor.

DBE-17330: [MySQL] The DDL of a table is refreshed after changing a comment in the Modify dialog.

DBE-16576: [PostgreSQL] It’s possible to update a value in a view with the ENUM column.

DBE-17490: [PostgreSQL] The SQL generator quotes correctly in the EXCLUDE constraint.

DBE-7466: [PostgreSQL] Fixed the issue with connecting via pg_bouncer.

DBE-12758: [Oracle] Type attributes are now supported.

DBE-11949: [Oracle] Table types declared in the notation named in the package are now supported.

DBE-16452: [Oracle] Shortcut navigation works for packages.

DBE-14722: [Oracle] JSON columns are supported.

DBE-17166: Renamed folders in the database explorer no longer disappear. 

DBE-14303: [BigQuery] The precision for milliseconds in the TIMESTAMP values is no longer lost. 

That’s it! 

The DataGrip team

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