Early Access Program News

DataGrip 2023.3 EAP 2 is Out!

Hello, DataGrip community! The second Early Access Program version for DataGrip 2023.3 is here. If you want to try the new features before the official release, this is for you!

Introspection scheduler

It’s now possible to set an introspection interval for each data source.

[Redshift] Support for materialized views

Materialized views in Redshift are now introspected and displayed in a dedicated node in the Database Explorer.

Customizable number formats in the data editor

There is now much greater flexibility in how you can see numbers in the data editor.  Most significantly, you can specify decimal and grouping separators. Other options include the ability to define how infinity and NaN will be rendered.

[SQL Server] Support for new objects

New objects are supported in SQL Server:

  • Partition functions and partition schemes: DBE-11948
  • Partitions and related table/index properties: DBE-4460 
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