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DataSpell 2022.2.3 Is Out!

DataSpell 2022.2.3 implements an important fix – editing the search query no longer results in cell code deletion. There are also more improvements to the notebook editor in this build. Read on to learn more.

You can download the new version from our website, update directly from the IDE, update via the free Toolbox App, or use snaps for Ubuntu.


The Terminal now respects the Python environment

In DataSpell you can set up a dedicated Python environment for any folder you attach to the workspace. 

In earlier versions, when you opened the built-in terminal, it used the Python environment set up for DataSpell’s workspace, even if the file you were working with used another Python environment for code execution.

In DataSpell 2022.2.3, the newly opened terminal uses the Python environment of the opened file or selected folder.

Correct backspace behavior when editing search terms in the editor

We fixed a major issue that caused the deletion of Jupyter cell code when changing the search term (query) invoked with Ctrl+F.

There is a more efficient way of doing this if you are searching for all occurrences of a particular item, such as:

  • Fields, variables, and parameters.
  • Classes, tags, attributes, and references in HTML, XML, and CSS files.
  • Symbols at the caret.

If this is the case, you can use the Find Usages dialog. There, you can configure the search procedure and scope.

These are all of the improvements for DataSpell 2022.2.3. Subscribe to our blog and Twitter to be the first to know about new features and useful tips on DataSpell and for data science!

If you encounter a bug or have a feature suggestion, please share it in our issue tracker.

The DataSpell Team

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