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DataSpell 2022.3.1 Is Out!

DataSpell 2022.3.1 brings you a fix for interpreter widget woes, an uninterrupted onboarding tour, simplified settings sync and code completion for column names in Python scripts. 

Download the new version from our website, update directly from the IDE, via the free Toolbox App, or use snaps for Ubuntu.

Download DataSpell 2022.3.1

Simplified Settings Sync 

Want to use the same settings in all your JetBrains IDEs? In DataSpell 2022.3.1, the Settings Sync plugin synchronizes UI settings, keymaps, code style, color schemes, and bundled plugins across all IDE instances connected to your JetBrains account. The Settings Sync plugin replaces both the IDE Settings Sync and Settings Repository plugins.

Guess That Column Name (in Python Scripts)

Code completion will now guess column names for Pandas DataFrames in Python scripts. When running scripts against interactive Python consoles, column names will be suggested when using period or bracket notations.

No More Widget Woes 

The interpreter widget shows the interpreter configured for the attached folder. The correct interpreter is now displayed even when the user works in the terminal or with a Python console. Previously, the widget sometimes showed the wrong interpreter since it reacted only to the editor in focus or workspace file/folder selection.

Take a Magical DataSpell Onboarding Tour

Our onboarding tour stalled at step five in DataSpell 2022.3. You can now complete the full DataSpell onboarding tour. Select Help > Learn IDE Features from the main menu to start the tour. Bon Voyage!

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If you encounter a bug or have a feature suggestion, please share it in our issue tracker.

The DataSpell Team

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