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What Do These …<>+c… Classes Do in my Memory Snapshots?

There’s nothing we love as much as user feedback. It is a priceless source of insights into how people use tools like dotMemory, what gets them excited – and what gets them confused. Over the last year we’ve received multiple questions … Continue reading

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Performance Profiling in Rider 2018.3. What’s New?

If you’re an active Rider 2018.3 user or just follow our blog, you probably know that Rider just got an integrated performance profiler based on JetBrains dotTrace. Though we’ve already reviewed the profiler features on the EAP stage, the release version … Continue reading

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Performance profiling .NET code in Rider with integrated dotTrace

Rider 2018.2 was the first release to host one of our .NET tools, dotCover, together with its unit test coverage features. As we mentioned back then, this was just the beginning. Today, it’s performance profiling’s turn to be taken on board. We are … Continue reading

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How does my app allocate to LOH? Find out with dotMemory 2018.2!

If you’re a long-term dotMemory user, you may have noticed the absence of big new features in dotMemory ever since we added support for memory dumps in 2017.2. Rest assured this is not because we’ve lost interest in memory profiling. … Continue reading

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> dotnet dotсover test

If you’ve got the idea of this post just by reading the title, you may skip the next paragraph and go right to the procedure. We’re going to talk about the dotCover.exe console runner and a new way to run … Continue reading

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Unit test coverage and continuous testing. Now in Rider!

With each Rider release, we do our best to bridge the gap between Rider and the ReSharper Ultimate bundle. The top in-demand feature has certainly been “Rider + dotCover” integration. So, without further ado, please welcome the latest Rider 2018.2 … Continue reading

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Analyzing code coverage of web apps with the dotCover 2018.1 Console Runner

These days automating unit tests and application coverage is a routine activity in areas like CI and some complex integration testing scenarios. Seeing how most developers work on web applications, it was really annoying that the dotCover console runner had … Continue reading

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dotCover 2018.1: Better continuous testing and more!

In this 2018.1 release, dotCover is by far the product that has received the most changes in the whole .NET tools lineup. These include: Continuous testing with new modes available in any unit test session, Coverage analysis improvements including a … Continue reading

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Profiling an app on a server. What options do you have?

Baseline conditions: You have a server running a .NET web application. It appears the application has an issue: It doesn’t work as fast as expected, it consumes more and more memory over time, it has any other performance/memory issue of … Continue reading

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dotMemory Unit supports .NET Core 2.0, and more updates

Though dotMemory Unit is not part of the ReSharper Ultimate bundle, in this release dotMemory Unit 3.0 is provided with ReSharper 2017.3. What’s in this release? .NET Core 2.0 support You’ve asked us to add support for .NET Core for … Continue reading

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