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Khalid Abuhakmeh is a Developer Advocate at JetBrains, focusing on .NET, Azure, and web development technologies. He has been in the business of creating software for nearly 16 years as a writer, open-source contributor, and leader. His hobbies include science, movies, languages, and travel. Follow Khalid on Twitter or check out his personal blog for more great .NET content.

Hot Reload for Xamarin.Forms comes to Rider

The Rider team has been hard at work, and we are happy to announce that Xamarin.Forms XAML Hot Reload is coming in Rider 2020.1! In this post, we’ll see how this makes developing our Xamarin apps more enjoyable. We’ll also walk through … Continue reading

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Test Runner Updates in Rider 2020.1 EAP

We’re always excited to ship Rider test runner updates to our early adopters. Developers running the latest Rider 2020.1 EAP may have noticed some positive changes to the unit testing window and the test runner. Let’s walk through some of the more notable … Continue reading

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Working With Databases In JetBrains Rider

All of our IDE’s are built on the same core IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition. This means that when we improve one IDE, our other IDE’s usually also benefit from our improvements. Rider is no exception! I recently reached for DataGrip, … Continue reading

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