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Learn Unity and Godot Game Development with JetBrains

Over the last several years, we’ve worked hard, making the best game development tools available to creators worldwide. Large AAA studios to indie game darlings have loved writing their C# and C++ code using JetBrains Rider

Honestly, it looks like a blast! What better time to be making video games than right now? In the spirit of learning and having fun, Maarten Balliauw and I (Khalid Abuhakmeh) have decided to hyperjump into game development, not with just one game engine, but with two! Unity and Godot Game Engine.

Recently, we published two tutorials focused on developing clones of retro-classics Asteroids and Pong.

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Asteroids – Unity

The first tutorial, crafted by Maarten Balliauw, is a guided journey into coding an Asteroids clone using the Unity Game Engine. Along the way, he harnesses the power of the JetBrains AI Assistant to breeze through mundane tasks and accelerate toward a fully functional game. You’ll learn to build Unity games in a digestible written tutorial, and you can also follow a companion video that walks you through Maarten’s process step-by-step.

Build an Asteroids game in Unity with JetBrains Rider (tutorial)

Pong – Godot Engine

In the second tutorial, we’ll help you write your first 2D Godot game engine, Pong. With this retro-classic, start building the game that arguably started it all. Following the tutorial, you’ll see how to sketch a game, set up your game’s scene tree, and attach C# scripts to game elements. You’ll have a flashy pong game with a tough-as-nails AI enemy by the end.

How to Build Pong with Godot and JetBrains Rider (tutorial)

Now is the perfect time if you’ve ever felt the urge to express your creativity through game development. Game engines like Unity, Unreal, and Godot have made bringing your ideas to life more accessible than ever. These two tutorials will introduce you to a new world of possibilities and ignite a passion for building and sharing games that will last a lifetime.

What games are you building/would you like to build? Let us know in the comments!

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