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CheckiO & EduTools Integration

JetBrains’ Educational Tools now feature full integration with CheckiO — a learning platform for mastering Python and JavaScript through coding games.


CheckiO invites beginners and more experienced users to an archipelago full of exciting programming challenges. Each Island, like Elementary, Scientific Expedition, and Codeship, features a series of small coding tasks that you need to beat to proceed to the next island. As you become more and more confident with each newly conquered island, you explore more of the map.


While CheckiO provides an excellent web platform for solving puzzles, the great news is that you can now complete CheckiO tasks using JetBrains’ professional tools. Select CheckiO in the list of courses available with the EduTools plugin. If you’re learning Python, you’ll need PyCharm Educational Edition, whereas for JavaScript your tool of choice will be WebStorm with the EduTools plugin installed.

Each Island is now a Station, and each coding game is a / mission.js file. For each Mission, you’ll see the code file and a brief task description with some hints. To beat each game, add your code to the code file and click the Check button at the bottom of the screen.


You’ll know you’ve completed a mission when you see a Congratulations! banner. Celebrate your progress, and then click Next to continue exploring.


If you get an Incorrect message, don’t worry: re-read the instructions and hints and give the task another try. Don’t give up — there’s much more to learn and explore!

To unlock some of the Stations, you’ll need to beat the previous one. Some others require an upgrade of your CheckiO account. Take a look at the adventure map at the CheckiO website and check your profile information to upgrade your account and keep your programming journey going.

Want to give it a try? Sign up to CheckiO, choose your programming language, and take a look at the Help guides for Python and JavaScript to get started with CheckiO tasks inside JetBrains IDEs.

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