EduTools plugin 2.4 – new courses, new languages, new IDEs

We’ve upgraded our favorite Educational Tools plugin. New languages support, integration with WebStorm and CLion, and new courses – it’s all in EduTools plugin 2.4.

EduTools 2.4 plugin


JavaScript and Rust support

We’re happy to welcome Rust and JavaScript as the newest programming languages to be supported by our Educational Products. Educators can now teach others their knowledge of these languages in the form of coding challenges and custom verification tests.

If you’re an educator, looking to teach the world JavaScript or Rust with your own course, as a first step, we would recommend taking a look at our Quickstart Guides – for JavaScript or for Rust. If you need some support to create the course you envisage, then please reach out to us, we can help.

If you have already begun your JavaScript learning journey or just getting started with Rust, we would love to hear about what your favorite learning materials have been! Just leave a comment here or get us on Twitter.

Integration with IDEs

You can now browse the courses and create your own content inside CLion and WebStorm. Both IDEs now fully support the EduTools plugin. Check out the plugin installation guides for CLion and WebStorm to get started.

New courses

Once you’ve installed the plugin for WebStorm, you can get started learning JavaScript right away! A course from Stepik learning platform, “JavaScript for Beginners” is already now available inside IDE. Go to File | Learn and Teach | Browse Courses and delve into basics of JavaScript.

Please note that you will need to log in with your Stepik account to access the materials. The course is also available in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition and PyCharm Pro if the EduTools plugin is installed.

EduTools 2.4 - new courses

Install the plugin and start learning!


Your Educational Tools team

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